Tsleil-Waututh Nation (TWN) siʔáḿθɘt School provides learning programs from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 12.  We are a school for everyone – the Tsleil-Waututh community and the public. We go through a rigorous certification process every four years with the First Nations School Association. Our mission is to provide a culturally appropriate learning environment that nurtures the well-being of students, families and the community as a whole. We aim for our school community to be rich in teachings, as siʔáḿθɘt (“si-om-thet”) the hən̓q̓əmin̓əm̓ name our school received. Our program is anchored in the TWN laws of truth, family, culture and well-being. Land-based learning is practiced regularly, with our classes spending considerable time doing outdoor experiential education (OEE) and hands-on education. Following best practices, our school has a strong focus on experiential learning. We aim to spark interest in all of our students and find their talents and gifts.  Our community partnerships allow for unique opportunities for learning, weaving together nature and respect in a cohesive manner and providing space for conscious learning and hands-on experiential insights. 


At siʔáḿθɘt we practice student-centred learning where each student is supported toward reaching their personal best. This is supported by each classroom having excellent student-to-educator ratios, highly qualified lead teachers, specialist teachers, and education support staff. We nurture strong starts through focused literacy and math foundation programs from JK to Grade 3 and extra support in older grades to promote our students to meet and exceed grade level.  A Special Education Program Resource Teacher works with all learning groups to enhance individual and group learning. Each of our students receives personal guidance toward graduating and having their best start post-graduation. 

Program Highlights:

Welcoming to All. Serving Tsleil-Waututh Nation families and open to the public.

– Certified by First Nation School Association (FNSA) and supported by First Nations Education Steering Committee (FNESC)

– Experts in authentic learner-focused experiential learning. Our classes typically go on weekly field trips.

BC Certified Teachers leading all classes with the support of Educational Assistants, Indigenous Support Workers, Special Education Teachers, and School Administration.

Specialized teachers from JK-12 in physical health and education, foods, applied design, First Nations’ language and culture.

– Weekly classes focused on social-emotional learning through North Vancouver Restorative Justice

– Relationship with North Vancouver Libraries with ongoing scheduled visits

Small class sizes of up to 15 students

– Each student has access to personal technology and learning resources

– In the Junior School math and literacy are taught daily, with our resource teacher who is a literacy expert providing extra support.

– Senior school students prepare for their careers with certificate trainings, such as Food Safe, Drivers License, First Aid, Kayak and Canoe Guiding, and many others.


For information on our culturally rich, experiential and learner-focused school, please go to our “About” page.Program Highlights:

siʔáḿθɘt Tsleil-Waututh Nation School: A rainbow of learning opportunities

siʔáḿθɘt School is open to in-person learning.  To apply fill out our application form. If you have questions, please contact the Education Services Coordinator at 778-838-1047 or schoolreception@twnationschool.ca

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