TWN School Education Staff Photo

Education Staff

The Tsleil-Waututh Nation (TWN) siʔáḿθət School Education Staff are at the heart of teaching and learning providing rich education programs.  All our classes are led by BC Certified Teachers and supported by Education Assistants, Indigenous Support Workers, Special Education Teachers, and School Administration. Our learning programs are rich with teachings from community members, elders, and cultural knowledge. Our community partnerships allow for unique opportunities for learning, weaving together nature and respect in a cohesive manner and providing space for conscious learning and hands-on experiential insights. 

At siʔáḿθɘt we practice student-centred learning where each student is supported toward reaching their personal best. This is supported by each classroom having excellent student-to-educator ratios, highly qualified teachers, specialist teachers, and education support staff. We nurture strong starts through focused literacy and math foundation programs and extra support in older grades to promote our students to meet and exceed grade level.  Each student has access to personal technology and learning resourcesA Special Education Program Resource Teacher works with all learning groups to enhance individual and group learning. Each of our students receives personal guidance toward graduating and having their best start post-graduation.

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Carleen Thomas, Acting Principal                                                           

Zarah Martz, Vice-Principal                                                                     

Bahareh Shigematsu, Administrative Assistant                                    or


Teaching Staff

School Year 2023-2024

Azury Biavaschi, K4/K  Teacher                                                             

Brendan Forest, High School Teacher                                                   

Eloginy Tharmendran, Teacher on Call                                                 

Devyn Thorson, PHE/OEE Teacher                                                                                       

Kaely McMurtry, Middle School Teacher                                               

Lauren Tekano, Primary Teacher                                                           

Laura Magee, Resource Teacher                                                           

Nichole Huseynov, High School Teacher                                             

Raven Barudin, Intermediate Teacher                                                  

Rick Havlak, High School Teacher                                                        

William George Thomas, Culture Teacher                                           

Seth George, Culture Teacher                                                              


                                     Many community members, elders, and cultural knowledge holders

Educational Support Staff

Audrey Darden, Education Assistant                                                       

Cassandra Smith, Indigenous Support Worker & Cultural Coordinator  or              

Genevieve Paul, Indigenous Support Worker                                        

Kurt Walford, Education Assistant                                                         

Jenny Cormack, Behavioural Interventionist                                          

Jewell Caron, Art Therapist                                                                     

Lisa George, Indigenous Support Worker                                              

Meghan Ormandy, Indigenous Support Worker                                   

Samantha Seymour, Indigenous Support Worker                                


Employment Opportunities

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